CSR Details

What is CSR to us?

CSR is not only a part of group strategy, but also a part of our every day work. We value the community in which we operate. For us CSR is not just about charity donations or community work, but covers a wide range of issues. Educations, Religion, Culture, Differently able people & the Environment remain the key values in our corporate social responsibility programs.

Our employees volunteer their finances time & effort in support of these programs.

Our profile would not be complete if we do not place on record something unique in us. We are not only suppliers to our major clients, but on occasions we have been also gentle advisors to them. When sensitive issues in supply of surgical products arose, there were instances where we offered our sincere advice to them and these were gladly accepted. This is something unique to us and we are certain that not very many of our competitors enjoyed this luxury.
Junaht wishes to thank you for your valuable time in perusing our profile. If you are satisfied with what you read and if you are really interested in becoming a valued business partner, please contact us.